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"Setting Boundaries: The Key to Defining Your Identity and Navigating Interpersonal Relationships"

Updated: Jun 18

Spiritually, boundaries serve as an invisible line that guides us of who we are, it shapes our identity by differentiating our responsibility, wants and needs from what doesn't. Boundaries provide guidance on our personal limits, capacity and serves a clear indication of our standards to others, giving us clarity towards a clear sense of ownership and self-awareness.

Physically, our words and behaviour becomes our visible boundaries. Healthy boundaries supports a true perception of who you are with others in relationships. Saying 'no' without experiencing guilt leads us with a clear guidance of what behaviour is acceptable and what is not, aids in nurturing respect, facilitates self-care, supports self-protection, communication and understanding in relationships.

Biologically we are all born with boundaries that protect our physiological being. Our bodies outer layer protects our internal organs, bones, and blood. We also have two gate points, that allow the good to come in; food and water and eliminate what is isn't good for us. This natural process allows nourishment and growth in our developmental stages.

Unfortunately the importance of healthy boundaries are not always nourished by our caregivers during our early stages of life. Due to this lack guidance and for those that have experienced psychological and physical abuse will struggle in articulating their thoughts, discomfort and preferences. Therefore leading others invading their space and taking what they want. Not having an understanding or know how in setting healthy boundaries can also lead the individual not having the capacity in allowing the good in their lives and filtering what no longer serves their wellbeing.

Many of our life challenges and issues are stemmed from our personal struggles with maintaining, setting or being aware of healthy boundaries.

Establishing healthy boundaries can indeed improve your interpersonal relationships. It allows for clearer communication, mutual respect, and a better understanding of each other's needs and limits. By setting boundaries, you create a framework for healthy interactions and foster trust and harmony within your relationships and most importantly supports in staying your authentic self.

Recognising the importance of healthy boundaries is the first step in creating them. Embracing the need for behavioral changes can be uncomfortable and challenging. As we embark on the journey of implementing changes for our betterment, it's essential to cultivate patience and self-compassion.

It is essential to be kind to yourself as you navigate this journey of self-improvement and practice. Remember progress takes time, and every step is a success worth celebrating.

If establishing healthy boundaries proves challenging for you, seeking professional support can help you take the necessary small steps to raise awareness about your personal space, examine your boundary lines, and create an entrance for positivity while allowing an exit for negativity. Through exploration and gradual expansion, you can enhance your capacity to set and maintain boundaries effectively.

-Parihan Wyatt

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Such a great reminder of the importance of boundaries for psychological wellbeing . I particularly like how you articulated the vulnerability of people who have experienced childhood trauma to expressing poor boundaries .thanks for sharing ❤️


This is so beautifully articulated Parihan, as well as your well-informed insight into the importance of setting "healthy" boundaries! Will definitely start practicing this 💜


I could not agree more with this. Very well put and clearly expressed. ❤️👏

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