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Why "Brumby" Equine Assisted Therapy

" Horses lend us the wings we lack." – Pam Brown

I get a lot of curiosity around why I've called my equine-assisted mental health therapy service "Brumby." I'm so glad this question comes up so often because the name holds a special significance to me. When I chose "Brumby," I thought of empowerment, though I knew it could be misunderstood. Such as being asked if I have any brumbies or if I'm looking to rehome any of them. If the opportunity arises, it would be a dream to take on brumbies; however, I do not have brumbies as part of my herd. But I wanted to give "Brumby" a new meaning not only in the world of equine-assisted therapy but for wild horses as a whole.

Calling my equine-assisted therapy service "Brumby" captures the essence of freedom and strength but also gentleness. Brumbies are wild horses, symbolising independence, resilience, and the power to overcome challenges. These qualities are at the heart of the growth and transformation I aim to offer through my therapeutic service. More importantly, these are qualities that I believe every person has within themselves.

At Brumby Equine Assisted Therapy, clients connect with these incredible mammals, experiencing a unique bond. Just as brumbies navigate the wild with grace and determination, clients learn to face their own challenges, building confidence and self-awareness. The untamed nature of brumbies serves as a powerful metaphor for the limitless potential within each person.

Brumby is more than just a name; it represents the journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. Clients are encouraged to embrace their inner strength and courage, much like a brumby embracing the freedom of the unknown and the openness of new possibilities. This imagery sets the tone and helps individuals recognise and harness their resilience and capabilities.

If humans felt the same freedoms as brumbies, without the fear of shame, worry, or judgement, we too would be more ourselves. Choosing the name Brumby invites clients to experience a deep connection with nature and themselves, fostering an environment where true acceptance, growth, and empowerment can thrive. By embracing the brumby spirit, clients can uncover their own wild strength and boundless potential, realising that the qualities of these magnificent horses live within us all.

-Parihan Wyatt

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